About Us



High Network is an online partnership marketing network, which assists various online operations & companies with adding growth and higher revenues to their business, by utilizing marketing partners, marketing methodologies and over 10 years of marketing experience, operating in the “Online Industry”.

Our process begins with “a personal partner meeting”, if it is an advertiser or a publisher, for a consulting session where we will identify possibilities for collaborations where we can meet our partners goals. High Network will dedicate it’s team & vast experience in various industries and verticals to advise, suggest and provide a penetration strategy in new markets.

As a main goal, High Network is always searching to find a mutual beneficial partnership with it’s Publishers & Advertisers working towards our partner’s goals, which will offer new opportunities and solutions to possible growth parameters in your businesses


“A Partnership Marketing Network”


To build an online marketing network based on advertisers & publishers which will provide both added value & high quality traffic.


Each company has its own Yearly “Road Map” which should include the Epics & main Operational lanes it is about to execute.

Below are the 2020 Main Epics:

  1. Diversity Offering
    In 2020, one of our main goals will be to introduce to our network offers additional products and offers which we will be promoting as a part of our 2020 expansion plan to tackle new industries.
  2. Market Penetration
    To penetrate world wide markets and place our signature brand with in specific GEO locations, thus gaining GEO Location market advantage driven from our online operations.
  3. Network Growth & Networking
    Translating the KPIs, Goals & Targets in to realistic Bench-Marks which will be used as a mile stones resulting in our operational growth.
  4. 2020 Road Show
    The Road Show, is a list of carefully chosen Marketing related Expos & Conferences across the world, which provide a unique meeting point between operations, advertisers, publishers and other service providers, technology providers and more.
    Our road show listing is available under our “News & Events Page
  5. Setting Quality Standards
    As per the below bullet points, we are looking to implement and Quality Assurance (QA) in to every aspect of our operation. This will provide us an advantage in comparison to our competition, thus resulting in a long term relationships with our partners.

    • Advertisers
    • Publishers Offering
    • Traffic Quality